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"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."
‐Thomas Jefferson

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FAQs about Hypnotherapy Why do I need to agree to a minimum of three hypnotherapy sessions? Cheryl requests that new clients sign a contract agreeing to a minimum of three (3) sessions, regardless of your particular issues, because hypnotherapy is a process to be worked through. It’s been proven that it takes at least 21-33 days to break a habit and that’s usually the length of time it takes for three sessions, spaced one week apart. At the end of three sessions, you will evaluate your situation and decide if you feel the problem has been dealt with or if you wish to continue with more Hypnosis sessions. Do I need to pay in advance for three or more sessions? Clients can pay Cheryl for each session, but purchasing a package is more economical (packages of 3 sessions or 6 sessions). What forms of payment does Cheryl accept? Cheryl accepts cash, check and PayPal. What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, concentrated state of awareness and a deep relaxation. Hypnosis helps to slow down the self-critical (conscious) part of your mind. Being hypnotized is very relaxing. Can anyone be hypnotized? Yes, anyone can be hypnotized, as long as they can reason, if they so desire. If they do not desire to be, there is no way a Hypnotist can hypnotize them. One of the biggest blocks is the lack of trust in the Hypnotist. Is hypnosis safe? Yes, hypnosis is totally safe. It releases natural, self-healing forces from deep within you. It allows you to totally relax. Is hypnosis with the conscious or subconscious mind? Some people mistakenly assume that the hypnotic state is an unconscious one, similar to being asleep or under anesthesia. While in hypnosis for changing behaviors and habits the client is always conscious in hypnosis, ( saying this a client may hear everything the Hypnotist says, or some of it or none of what is said, any of these states are fine, as the subconscious hears it all) the subconscious mind is the part of the brain doing the work, not the conscious mind, this is so the subconscious can be reached so that positive suggestions are given to bring about changes that the clients wants to make. When using Hypnosis for dentistry the client can still be conscious, but have no feeling of pain, and hypnosis during surgical procedures, the client, can be in an unconscious state, these are two different brain waves states are Theta and Delta. Most Hypnosis can be extremely effective in Alpha. Is it true that many of us are hypnotized several times a day? Yes, twice a day for everyone for sure, just the short time before waking completely and falling to sleep, but there are other times many people themselves in this hypnotic state, when watching TV, reading, or daydreaming, when the attention is being engaged and the conscious mind is in the story, not the physical place where we are sitting. This shift in our state of consciousness is similar to the one we reach in a hypnosis session. What does hypnosis feel like? Many clients tell Cheryl that hypnosis feels like a daydream. You can hear her speaking to you and you can answer her questions. But you’re in an extremely relaxed state of mind, often accompanied by a guided visualization. Some clients just drift off, and that is okay, as the subconscious mind is the one doing the work. The more the conscious mind goes and does its own thing the better the result the subconscious mind has in creating a more significant change. Can hypnosis provide an “instant” success? Yes, Sometimes and No. Cheryl’s feels having three initial sessions to be the best length of therapy, to provide a change in an addictive or ingrained habit, such as being able to have success with Weight Management Hypnosis, Relationship Issues, Smoking Cessation, Drug Addictions, and Relief of Fears, or Easing Anxiety. The subconscious mind does not always give in without a struggle. Having been trying to overcome a problem sometimes for weeks, months, or even years, it can take several sessions to provide success. How do Cheryl’s writing skills benefit for her clients? Cheryl’s literary skills, in particular, have given her a voice to address issues in people’s lives. Her children’s books have very strong moral values, teaching young and older, advantageous and morally sound values to live life by. Life it’s self has broadened Cheryl’s understanding of human nature. Plus, Cheryl’s experience as a Counselor, Coach and Consulting Hypnotist for over 30 years greatly helps her focus on how to work with each client to start solving his or her issues.

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