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It is never too late to be what you might have been."
‐George Eliot

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."
‐Colin Powell

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  • It’s Your day;
  • Embrace The Opportunity Ahead..

Making an Appointment for Hypnotherapy You have possibly been referred by a friend or colleague or found Cheryl Butterworth’s information on the Internet. However you have found her, a complimentary consultation by phone with Cheryl, prior to your first appointment for Hypnotherapy or Hypno-coaching will be required. During this conversation, you and Cheryl will spend a short time making certain that you have a rapport and discussing your issues. Cheryl likes to see clients a minimum of three (3) sessions, regardless of your particular issues, because this is a process to be worked through. Cheryl will then discuss the Hypnosis fees, and different packages offered with you. Hypnosis Calgary (Extra-Ordinary Connections Inc.) accepts cash, cheques or PayPal. A discussion as to the days and times that works in your schedule and will arrange your appointments. Cheryl will arrange to be available for Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Coaching according to your schedule but there are times where she travels and may have to book at a later time that would suit you. Your first session with Cheryl Butterworth will be 90 minutes and this time will be set aside especially for you. If after you have made your appointment and find that you cannot be there, she asks that you give her a two-day (48-hour) notice. Or you will be charged for your session. At the end of 3 sessions, an evaluation of your progress will be made. Either you will feel relief of your problem or you wish to continue with more Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Coaching sessions.

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