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Cheryl Butterworth, Consulting Hypnotist
Founder Of Hypnosis.Life

Cheryl Butterworth has enjoyed seeing her clients achieve the freedom they have desired, over the past 35 years through counseling and coaching. But Cheryl wanted more for her clients; she saw great strides in their progress to freedom, but it was not enough for her. She met a very interesting man who talked to her about Hypnotism at length. After their first meeting, Cheryl asked the question! Can you help me with this limiting belief and behavior that seems to go with it? Well of course the answer was 'Yes!' After the first session, she had found that so many things shifted. They did not shift in a loud and dramatic way, but in a quiet way that was easy to handle and not frightening. She found with just one session, so many things were difficult to deal with, became easy and had happened quickly. A week later, on the second session, she was asked what she wanted to do. The answer 'I want to do what you do! I want to see my clients move through their problems, addictions, limiting beliefs and fears as quickly as I have been able to move through and past mine.' Three weeks later, she was being trained, one on one, by one of the Worlds Renowned Consulting Hypnotists, achieving The Advanced Consulting Hypnotist Certification, with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Also, she found that all her formal education with WTC Counselling, in Canada, the US and the UK, along with The Coaching Academy training in Life and Business Coaching training in the UK had well prepared her to deeply understand the training in Hypnosis she received. Her vast personal life experience was an additional bonus, along with her intuitive insights of human nature. Cheryl found hypnotherapy was a perfect fit for both her clients and herself because she could see the results of her clients moving out of negative, uncomfortable situations and moving on quickly to lead balanced, harmonious and happier lives. Cheryl Butterworth achieved certification in hypnotherapy as a Consulting Hypnotist by meeting their high standard of educational requirements and has as Advanced Certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists in Merrimack, NH.Cheryl works with a blend of Hypnosis and or Coaching, working in both the Life and Business arenas. She offers hypnosis and coaching therapy to her clients in person or by skype


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